Photovoltaic cells use light to generate electricity. There are a number of PV panel technologies, including polycrystalline, monocrystalline and thin-film. Solar PV cells can be arranged in panels on a building’s roof or walls, and can often directly feed electricity into the building. With the latest PV technology, cells can also be integrated into the roof tiles themselves. Groups of solar PV cells can be added together to provide increasing levels of power. This can range from small, kilowatt-sized solar panels for use in domestic households, to larger arrays, which function as separate solar power plants feeding power directly into the electricity grid.

PV panels are particularly suitable where a grid connection is difficult and the popular combination of a micro-wind turbine and PV panel uses the fact that there is more wind in the winter when the sun is weak and vice versa to provide a more reliable energy supply.

Due to their relatively high capital cost the application of PV cells needs to be carefully considered, however, Ameon are experienced in the design and installation of PV cells and can advise on the potential suitability for your project.