Despite Covid’s impact on the economy, we’ve delivered some early Christmas cheer with plans to create 100 new posts across the business!  A number of them will be filled by electricians, plumbers and heating and ventilation specialists; including a number experienced in low-carbon technologies. And most will work in our development hotspot, Manchester.


The news has been welcomed by Conservative MP for Fylde, Mark Menzies, who said: “I am delighted to see Ameon thriving and choosing to invest its future in our young people.  It is fantastic to see a local business benefitting from the construction boom in the North West, and that so many of these jobs will help young people gain experience and skills in a sector that is booming.”


We’re looking for improvements in the national position relating to Covid-19 before re-launching our newly developed headquarters and hope to invite a senior member of Boris Johnson’s government to perform the opening ceremony.


Commented managing director, Robin Lawson: “It’s pleasing to get the support of Mark Menzies, for what is a major work creation plan.   This has only come about because of investment back into the business and a clear vision for our future.  That’s how we’ve managed to ride the economic waves in our sector, and it’s why we are in a position now, despite the impact of Covid-19, to create employment opportunities for more people to play a part in our story going forward.”