Ameon Building Service Engineering, the primary contractor involved in the build of the leisure complex, also installed a range of CP’s standalone passive infrared (PIR) presence detectors, which are reducing the amount of time lighting is left on unnecessarily, for example if an area is unoccupied, or if there is already sufficient natural light. These PIRs constantly scan the detection zone for body heat and movement, switching lighting on only when this is detected. For areas including washroom facilities, changing rooms, storeroom areas and kiosks, this is typically resulting in up to 60% savings on usual lighting energy costs.

For the lower floors of Belle Vue Aces’ new stadium, CP’s push-button GESM surface-mounted PIR has been installed to deliver easy on/off switching at lux level, together with a time delay function which can easily be set by the end user.

Steve McCourt, Senior Engineering Manager at Ameon Building Service Engineering, explains why CP’s products are so convenient to install for projects on this scale. He says: “A key feature of CP’s range is the fact its products have been designed with both the end user and the contractor in mind. Not only do they deliver proven energy savings, but they are relatively simple to install, with many providing instant plug and play functionality, and simple push button set up.

“This means that for projects such as the Belle Vue sports village, we can quickly and easily install products which we know will deliver the level of functionality and efficiency that the specifier, architect, and end user expect. It also allows us to successfully complete projects in challenging timescales and on this occasion, ensure that the new facility was completed well in advance of the new speedway season commencing in March 2017.”

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