Amateur rugby player, Blake Wilkinson, has converted to fully-fledged member of the design team at Ameon by graduating from UCLAN with a BEng (Hons) in Building Services and Sustainable Engineering.  And he is yet another of Ameon’s ‘Class of 2023’ graduates adding to the design department’s cohort of qualified engineers.

Blake worked as a CAD technician on the Fylde Coast for four years, before joining Ameon in 2019 as a design engineer on the company’s degree management programme.  The 26-year-old from South Shore, Blackpool, attended KEQMS/AKS high school in Lytham, before studying for A-levels at Rossall School 2013-2015 and then moving straight into building services following sixth form study.

A keen rugby enthusiast, in his free time Blake plays for Fylde Rugby Club social teams. And he is yet more proof that if you keep trying, you can certainly get your goals!

Congratulations Blake, and apologies for the rather obvious groan-inducing rugby reference, but given an inch, we’ll take the whole 22 metres!