Newly graduated engineer, Cameron Parkin, once had designs on a career in film and media, and having attained a BA honours degree in the subject, he switched to design of a different kind, and while working with Ameon, has now gone on to gain an engineering degree at the University of Central Lancashire.

Cameron, 31, joined us in 2018, following four years in the building services and electrical contracting fields, which followed a family friend’s suggestion to look at a career in CAD design.  The former Kirkham 6th form student has had to combine work and study for his engineering degree with the arrival of two children to the family, and even admitted to going into the office most weekends, just to get the peace and quiet to enable him to study – with the full support of his very understanding wife Francesca, who was left to look after the growing brood on her own!

During the years of study, Cameron still managed to keep up his skills in Judo and Taekwondo, which he also taught in Warton…so, a word to the wise for anyone thinking of jokingly providing a critique of his BIM skills!

Cameron’s BEng (1st) is testament to the hours he invested in work, study and family life, and proves that if you put in the hours, you get the rewards.

Great achievement Cameron!